New Boiler Scheme

Thousands of homeowners and families in England can now get 400 pounds off the cost of a new boiler under the new Government Boiler Scheme designed to cut carbon emission, safeguard jobs across the energy industry, and help consumers save money on fuel bills.

The new boiler scheme was first announced in Chancellor Alistair Darling’s pre-Budget report in December. The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, launched the Government’s Boiler Scrappage Scheme on Tuesday 5th of January 2010 during a visit to a British Gas Training Academy in London. According to Mr Milliband: “The scheme will add to the existing package of Government measures to help householders be smarter about the energy they use, leading to permanently reduced fuel bills and cutting emissions.”

Boiler Scrappage Scheme Eligibility:

Basically your boiler should be G-rated. This would likely be the case if your boiler is gas fired and more than fifteen years old. Another likely case is if your boiler is oil fired and more than twenty-five years old. Furthermore, a permanent pilot light tends to indicate that the old boiler is G-rated.
Then your old boiler must be in working condition and should be the main boiler used to heat the house. However, for the Senior Citizens aged above 60, the boiler does not have to work.

If the boiler meets the above criteria, you can the shop around and arrange a quote for a new boiler from a qualified installer. The average cost of a boiler and its installation is about £2,250, according to the heating industry.
The next step is to contact the Energy Saving Trust (EST) with your boiler details and receive a voucher prior to commencement of the installation.
Finally, you should pay the boiler installer in full, then send the receipt and the voucher to EST to be refunded £400 in no more than 25 working days.

The boiler initiative has prompted several energy companies to launch similar programmes, and they are planning to complement and even match the Government offer with money-off initiatives for upgrading to more efficient boilers - so that more householders can take advantage of the scheme. British Gas, the biggest installer of boilers in the UK, is planning to match the government’s £400 new boiler grant. would be updating you with the boiler scrapage deal from each energy company.